Availability List

Need a roof over your head?  We've got you covered.  Literally. 

Available Apartments & Houses
-Download SMC Availability List HERE-
SMC does not rent sight unseen
The Availability List is updated regularly. All of our upcoming available rental units are noted on page 1. On page 2 of the listing you will find important information that is necessary to review. Any apartment or house listed as "occupied" means that there are still residents living in the property. Noted prior to the addresses are four numbers, which are actually dates of when we are scheduled to receive keys from current residents. For example, "1201" would mean that the apartment or house is occupied until the 1st of December. We clean and complete any necessary maintenance after we receive keys and before the move in of the incoming residents. This process can potentially take approximately two weeks to complete depending on the condition of the rental unit once it vacates and the amount of cleaning and maintenance required. While we do try to work with incoming residents’ schedules, we cannot guarantee a specific move in date. For more information, please review the second page of the listing, or visit our Information page online.
  • Walk-in appointments are welcome; however, we do strongly suggest scheduling an appointment. Please call our office (701.839.4200) to book a property tour one business day in advance of the day you would like to view our available apartments/homes. This helps to ensure a time that works for your schedule. Additionally, if an apartment or home is currently occupied we give our current residents a day's notice before showing them.
  • You must view a property with an SMC representative before you can pay a security deposit to hold the apartment or house. We do not rent "sight unseen".
  • Property tours are conducted Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Please note:  We do not keep a waiting list for any of our properties.